Take presents to Tuxolina - at least as many as the current level number (e.g. level 2 => 2 presents minimum)

Picking up a present - 50 points
Jumping over a snowball - 100 points
Bringing enough presents to Tuxolina - 1000 points
Each present over the level minimum - 100 points
New life is gained at every 2000 points

Up arrow - Jump / climb up the ladders
Down arrow - Climb down the ladders
Left arrow - Move left
Right arrow - Move right

Snowball speed and present disappearance frequence increases by each level. Also, each level brings 1 new walking snowball.

Audio-visual elements are taken from SuperTux, which has previously been agreed with one of the game's authors. Source code, in its completeness, is work of Darko (Dachaz) Zelić, a RAF student.
© Dachaz, 2006.